A Little About Me

Era Bruin Trojan is about my experiences as a father of 3 boys and the challenges of parenting them, especially my oldest.  Fortunately, I’m not left to do it without my wife though.  She is an amazing mother and, except that’s a joint effort, I would almost give her more of the credit for any successes.  We have gleaned much wisdom from other sources due to her resourceful research.  And since I’m not much of a reader, I’m content to learn from her as she is usually willing to give me the “CliffsNotes” on it all.

While there are definitely specific relational and behavioral problems that I address, I am not always very specific or technical in my approach to writing about them.  What I write about usually tends to be more pragmatic and practical in how I relate each story and the lessons learned.  Please also know that any names and school mascots (Bruins/Trojans) mentioned here have been changed to protect the innocent.  Privacy is important with the nature of this kind of blog and will be protected.

You can be sure that I love my wife and kids, and that despite how much they can drive me crazy and however much I may rant, nothing is too unusual for our typical family.  Thanks for reading this and giving a little of your time.