Shadow And Movement

Now that you know a bit about our oldest, please allow me to introduce you to our other two boys and what makes them unique.

Our middle son is a wonderful calming influence in my life, except when he’s bothered by his brothers.  He is generally respectful and compliant, has a quirky sweetness to his nature, usually wears his Disney “Cars” cap slightly cocked to the left, and at times likes to be called by his self-given nickname of “Shadow.”  With minor direction and encouragement he has even become an early reader and learner prior to kindergarten at the “Bruins” grade school.  He has also benefitted from having had a strider bike (one of those kid’s bikes without pedals), easily graduating to pedals and no training wheels with relative ease.  With enough early successes, it makes me wonder what new challenges he may be needing next.

The youngest one is our toddler and, like many, a real mover.  In fact, he rarely stops moving during the course of a day.  Even from before he was born he moved A LOT.  One of his favorite things to say is, “I do it.” or “I did it.”  Some people can be proud and just don’t want to acknowledge their need for help, but he genuinely seems to like the sense of personal accomplishment from doing things on his own.  He also likes autonomy while at the same time being clingy.  As an example, he is constantly at mom’s side when she’s cooking, or really doing anything, and he wants to do everything.  And while he’s in the kitchen, he’s also figured out some other tricks.  Lately, one of the funny things he likes to do is put his stuffed animals and toys in his appliance of choice.  We haven’t got a good answer out of him yet as to why, but we still get a kick out of it.



Even as young as they are, all three brothers seem pretty close, literally.  Actually, they’re all crammed into a small bedroom with two bunk beds and a makeshift trundle.  And they don’t stop growing!  Something will have to be done before long, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know.