Welcome to my new blog

Hello and thank you for visiting!  This blog is a window into the life of my family of three boys and some of the things I’ve learned who I am as a father parenting them.  The intent here is to document some of the stories about each of them and especially the relational and behavioral challenges of our oldest.  Likewise, my hope in writing this is to pass on some encouragement and lessons we’ve learned to other parents who may possibly be facing similar challenges.

On one level, it’s simply a collection of stories to document for our family’s own personal record.  On another level though, it’s a period in the life of our family defined by Bruins and Trojans, the school mascots for the local elementary and middle schools where our oldest has attended.  Each mascot a “bookend” of sorts for that period and a way to describe the stages of life and struggles he’s been through.

It should be stated first off that we adopted our oldest when he was just 5 years old.  But sadly, by that tender age he’d already been in and out of numerous foster homes, kicked out of 2 preschools, and had experienced more hurt than any child ever should.  He didn’t suffer collateral damage from any of the typical kinds of physical, sexual or drug abuse.  Rather, he was a victim of severe neglect, affecting him emotionally as well as physically and relationally for possibly the rest of his life.

What are the effects of abusive neglect, you ask?  Well, there are many, which I may get into more in subsequent posts.  I should also say that my wife is the researcher of the family and could give better description and explanation than I can, so please forgive me for any mistakes in writing.  However, without getting into much more here, we have a few stories to share and hope you will be able to benefit from them, even if they’re nothing more than a little entertainment.  So feel free to read more and send an email if you are so inclined.  Thanks again and come back soon!